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About FIA

FIA was founded in July 2010 by seven of the world's largest food and beverage companies, and has now grown to nearly 50 companies across the supply chain.
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What We Do

FIA plays a critical role in building trust between the industry and the public sector through the development and deployment of science-based policies and regulations in the Asia Pacific region.

Our work cuts across the connected areas of smart regulation and safe food; health, nutrition and innovation; as well as sustainable and resilient supply chains.

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Our Vision
To be a trusted partner for businesses and governments – building a vibrant food & beverage industry for a healthy, sustainable and prosperous Asia.
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Our Mission
To represent the food and beverage industry in Asia – promoting a climate for sustainable growth and serving as a regional knowledge hub for science-based research and advocacy.

“FIA brings together the industry's most senior executives to align on complex issues that matter to the industry and then build collaborative relationships with the public sector to solve those challenges and ensure a sustainable food and beverage industry.


Matt Kovac

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Membership Benefits

There are many reasons to become an FIA member, from receiving regular regulatory and policy updates, to engagement with governments across key issues and networking with your peers.

Membership Benefits