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FIA Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council is made up of the industry's most senior business leaders and is the driving force behind FIA's mission to promote sustainable growth and support regional progressive policies and smart regulations that are science-based and relevant to countries across Asia.

Clusters are designed to craft and maintain an inspiring vision over a 3-, 5- or even 10-year time horizon. They help reframe the difficult challenges we face as potential opportunities for new ways of seeing and learning, and should experiment relentlessly and elevate what works. By generating an exciting array of strategic options, we strive to be nimble enough to seize emerging opportunities in a fast-changing policy and regulatory landscape. The objective of the longer-term approach to the Clusters is not to eliminate risk but to increase the odds of success by embracing new methods and ways of working, so that we seek new opportunities for members to reduce red tape/costs while supporting growth opportunities.
Squads are small, autonomous and agile groups that work on the day-to-day issues and crisis that inhibit business operations and add significant cost. Unlike the Clusters, Squads are focused on the now and the immediate needs of members. Each Squad will have KPIs and plans ideally for the next one to two years to navigate the immediate regulatory, public affairs and policy challenges.
Membership Benefits
There are many reasons to become an FIA member, from receiving regular regulatory and policy updates, to engagement with governments across the key issues and networking with your peers.
Membership Benefits