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FIA Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council is made up of the industry's most senior business leaders and is the driving force behind FIA's mission to promote sustainable growth and support regional progressive policies and smart regulations that are science-based and relevant to countries across Asia.

Public Affairs Committee
The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) shapes FIA’s strategy as to how we collaborate and partner with policymakers, and other key opinion leaders throughout the region across a range of issues from smart regulations to sustainable solutions through to progressive health and nutrition policies.
The committee is made up of the most experienced and best public affairs professionals who support FIA to develop and implement strategies and campaigns to promote, for example, the value of self-regulation and private-public partnerships across complex issues such as obesity, plastics and packaging, and resilient supply chains. The committee is responsible for developing and approving processes and strategies that strengthen the industry’s ability to monitor and respond to emerging issues.
Science & Technical Committee
The Science & Technical Committee (STC) is made up of senior regional regulatory and scientific affairs professionals who work across multiple complex issues. They are responsible for developing FIA's smart regulation & safe food strategies as well as reviewing all relevant science and regulatory issues that impact industry now and into the future.
The committee leads a range of issues from e-commerce to standards through to ingredient regulations and barriers to trade
Working Groups

The FIA Working Groups act as advisory groups to address core issues at an expert level. FIA operates 12 Working Groups that communicates on a regular basis via email, and convenes either face-to-face or via teleconferences at least once a quarter.

Membership Benefits
There are many reasons to become an FIA member, from receiving regular regulatory and policy updates, to engagement with governments across the key issues and networking with your peers.
Membership Benefits