The leading voice of the food industry in Asia

As a non-profit society based in Singapore, FIA represents and promotes the views of the food and drink industry throughout the region, using science-based advocacy to help shape public policy.

With both eyes on the future, we aim to be the primary think tank for the food industry in Asia, a valuable partner in regional development and a leading resource for those wishing to future-proof their businesses.


FIA was formed to enable major food manufacturers to speak with one voice in Asia, principally in response to the region's rapid economic growth and complex challenges in areas such as regulatory standards, food safety, and effective public health approaches.

Our members share common values on issues relating to food safety, regional development, and the responsible promotion of balanced diets and lifestyles. Through our high level forums, FIA aims to promote a coordinated approach on these issues.

Industry Guideline and Toolkit - Voluntary Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labelling for the Food & Beverage Industry in Asia
  • Global Partnership Makes Great Strides to Boost Food Safety in China
    Now in its third year of operation, the Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) has firmly established its role as a driving force for improving the safety of the global food supply chain. A recent update from GFSP Secretariat at the World Bank outlined the extent to which the Partnership has expanded its capacity-building exercises in food safety training and technical support in 2014, with many of its activities taking place in Asia.
    22 Jul, 2014
  • 'Age of Disruption' Makes Digital Top Priority
    Digital Revolution is a top priority for 54% of consumer good firms - but one-third lack the know-how. Research finds over half of business leaders place digital strategy and data analytics high on their agenda, and the supply chain rates as their number one challenge and area of investment. This summary was kindly contributed by The Consumer Goods Forum.
    21 Jul, 2014

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