Video Series from GFSI Global Food Safety Conference 2014

The Global Food Safety Conference 2014 video series highlights the importance of food safety in the supply chain – managing food safety is a collaborative effort that needs to be conducted on a global scale.

Food has never been safer than it is today; however, the significant growth in demand creates complex challenges throughout the global supply chain. An increasing number of companies now strive to apply safety standards globally, even in countries where standards are not regulated. In today’s interconnected world, food safety cannot be ensured by one country or company alone – it is a global and collaborative effort.

The video series below highlights the key statistics and messages from the Global Food Safety Conference 2014. For further information about the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), please visit their website.

GFSI 2014 - One World, One Safe Food Supply

GFSI 2014 - Planning and Anticipating the Risks


GFSI 2014 - Global Supply Chain Best Practice

GFSI 2014 - People vs Technology, High Tech or High Touch

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