Characterizing human toxicity and ecosystem toxicity with the scientific consensus model USEtox®: Theory and practical application

This summer school provides an overview of multimedia chemical fate modelling, multipathway human exposure modelling, ecosystem and human health effects modelling, and comparative indicators for human-toxicological and ecotoxicological impacts.

Course participants will be guided through a series of examples in which they will develop characterization factors using the latest USEtox scientific consensus model release. Main course objective is that participants learn how USEtox can be used in various applications, including the prioritization and ranking of chemicals within life cycle assessment, product environmental footprinting and other comparative assessments, risk assessments, chemical substitutions and sustainability assessments.

Participants will have hands-on access to all model, data, documentation and reading material during the course and will be able to take all files back home. New substances will be characterized and participants may bring their own list of substances of interest for the exercises.

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