Dubai-Food Fraud Conference
Towards Collaborative Leadership to counter Food Fraud

This dedicated workshop will aim to review the findings and conclusions of previous events of the Global Understanding of Food Fraud (GUFF) Workshop series (Quebec City, April 2017; Beijing, November 2017), the latest discussions and conclusions of the Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting (2-7 July 2018), as well as the outputs stemming from the Codex Committee on Food Inspection and Certification (CCFICS) to be held in Brisbane Australia from 22-26 October 2018.

The workshop will aim to discuss the latest findings and offer a direction for action in three areas:

  • Current and future considerations of the development of food regulatory

  • Towards validated and harmonized food fraud prevention tools applied by food industry

  • Progress in the Development of Standard Method Performance

  • Requirements (SMPRs) for non-targeted testing under the auspices of the Food Fraud Taskforce of AOAC International

The workshop will be organized in the form of introductory presentations setting the scene for the three breakout sessions, dedicated to the above-mentioned themes. Breakout sessions will be led by recommended chairs and will take place in the form of round table discussions amongst pre-registered participants.

Break-out session leads (supported by designated participants) will then report on the outcomes of their discussions at a plenary session, prior to concluding the workshop.

It is expected that the outputs of each break-out session represent a path forward for global collaboration and/or harmonization in each of the identified areas of focus. Recommendations and conclusions reached will be used to develop a scientific / white paper summarizing future directions for global collaboration to counter food fraud and will be the basis of interventions at the open food fraud session during the Dubai International Food Safety Conference (DIFSC) on Oct 30th, 2018.

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