Sustainable Tourism Asia 2019

In partnership with Visa and Marina Bay Sands Singapore, ELEVATE is excited to host the second annual Sustainable Tourism Asia Forum on 21st of November 2019 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. 

The forum will serve as the platform for leading companies in the hospitality and tourism sectors, as well as government officials and non-profits, to share solutions that are driving innovation and advancement in the industry. 

Sessions will host unique discussions that will catalyze action-oriented opportunities to collaboratively foster the development of best practices in the sustainable tourism industry (agenda is attached). Attendees will both share their experiences and learn actionable takeaways from market leaders in Asia and globally on topics like:

Community tourism 
Responsible labor practices 
Circular economy
Sustainable food models (plant-based meat, organic food, food waste, etc.)
Gender and child rights


For more information, please visit their website or contact Tess Zinnes at