The overall standard of living across Asia has improved dramatically in recent years due to rapid economic development, spurring increased demand for food, beverages and daily cosmetics, and facilitating development in the packaging industry. Furthermore, the need for product differentiation, aesthetics, functionality and reduced environmental impact, have led to unprecedented growth and innovation among packaging firms. The Asia Pacific packaging industry is now facing enormous opportunities, as well as challenges wrought by globalization and pro-environmental policies.

The Sustainable Packaging Asia Pacific Summit 2019 will be held on June 17-18 2019 in Shanghai, China. Speakers and panelists representing government authorities, as well as leading F&B companies, cosmetics producers, retailers, and trade associations, will detail current sustainable packaging trends, customer preferences, innovative packaging materials, and cutting-edge technological developments such as 3D printing and anti-counterfeit labeling. 

The Sustainable Packaging Asia Pacific Summit 2019 will serve as a showcase for the rapidly development packaging industry, offering unprecedented access to leading figures, and high-level knowledge on a wide range of topics. Professionals working in the packaging industry, as well as in related fields, such as printing, F&B, cosmetics, distribution, logistics and manufacturing, are invited to attend.

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