About FIA

FIA was founded in July 2010 by a group of leading food and beverage companies. From our base in Singapore, we seek to enhance the industry's role as a trusted partner in the development of science-based policy in the region.

FIA provides an important hub for advocacy and debate. We bring together the food industry's most senior business leaders to champion initiatives that promote sustainable growth and support regional policies that deliver harmonised results.


At the heart of FIA's philosophy lies a belief that the private sector can play a more positive role in civil society if it has a seat at the table. To this end, FIA is committed to building relationships with governments and policy makers – either directly or through existing local industry groups.

Our Vision

To be a trusted partner for businesses and governments – building a vibrant food & beverage industry for a healthy and prosperous Asia.

Our Mission

To represent the food & beverage industry in Asia – promoting a climate for sustainable growth and serving as a regional knowledge hub for science-based advocacy.