FIA Workshop: Food Risk Communication

Traditionally, food risk communication was utilised as part of the risk analysis paradigm - to support the exchange of information and opinions on food safety hazards and critical outbreaks with relevant stakeholders. 

However, effective food risk communication should also optimise consumer protection associated with food consumption, manage societal concerns around modern food technologies, and promote wellness and lifestyle choices. 

What does a robust Food Risk Communication strategy entail?  

FIA recently launched the FIA Food Risk Communication (FRC) Toolkit, which composed of a set of tools that allows consumers, the food industry, institutions and government agencies to explore the full range of activities in food risk communication.

Join Dr. Andrew Roberts, author of the FRC Toolkit, on 31 October as he provides a breakdown of the toolkit, with an emphasis on application in different food-related risks: 
- Traditional (food safety) 
- Modern 
- Health and nutrition advocacy 
- Critical incident interventions 
- Trust 

The workshop also aims to identify industry priorities and roles and further disseminate FIA's vision of food risk communication with risk management institutes and country regulators.

If you require any further details, please contact the events team at [email protected]

Workshop Facilitator


Andrew Roberts
Reciprocom Ltd

Andrew Roberts, PhD, is an expert in trust, risk and uncertainties in the food and agriculture industry and FIA's consultant on Food Risk Communication. Dr Roberts has developed strategies on models around trust and confidence in the food sector and food chain actors in furthering consumer roles and acceptance leading to innovation.

As partner at Reciprocom, Dr Roberts leads evidence-based, engagement processes to promote innovation, trust in innovators and confidence in innovation pathways.