Data science and data analytics are recognised as having large potential for the food and FMCG industry sectors, where a wealth of information and insights could be harnessed from big data.

For the food and FMCG industry, data science and data analytics could be applied to consumer insights (e.g. mining consumer data), product development (e.g. optimising product design and quality control data), food security and safety (e.g. monitoring supply chain data for food safety).

FIA, in partnership with A*STAR, is organising a workshop to explore:

  • Areas of interest for data science and analytics for food and FMCG companies
  • What problem statements would food companies like to address with data science an analytics?
  • The current challenges and constraints faced by industry to explore such opportunities
  • Identify opportunities for R&D collaboration between A*STAR, food and FMCG industry

Speakers and panellists from the food and FMCG industry, service providers, academia and A*STAR will present insights on latest research findings to have a broad level engagement to raise awareness on data science and analytics opportunities and seed collaboration between the food industry and public sector researchers.

For further enquiries or to register for this event, please contact

Registrations are provided for up to 3 participants from each organisation.