FIA Lunch Series:
Developing Future Business Strategies Through Understanding Child Rights

Date: Wednesday, 30 August 2017
Time: 11:45am to 1:30pm 
Fees: $25.00 (inclusive of gst)
Venue: Stamford American Auditorium at AmCham (1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre #23-03, Singapore 228208)

Please email the AmCham Events Team at
to arrange registration and payment

According to Save the Children’s End of Childhood Report, global data shows there are currently around 263 million children out of school, 168 million children involved in child labour and another 6 million children die before they reach their 5th birthday.

Any business, no matter the size will influence the lives of children both directly or indirectly. This is even more crucial in a world where trust is paramount to a company’s social license to operate as it is becoming essential for businesses to be pro-active about good conduct as consumers expect nothing less.

So, in what other ways can businesses better identify, address and prevent the risk of having adverse impacts on children and maximise their positive influences?
Join our panel discussion to find out the impact children’s rights can have on your business: 
  • Build up your organisation's reputations 
  • Improve risk management 
  • Enhance business social license to operate - including gaining and maintaining the support of people who live and work where business is conducted
  • Recruit and maintain a motivated workforce 



Ines Kaempfer 
Executive Director
Save the Children

Ms. Kaempfer has worked in the field of CSR supply chain management and children's rights for over a decade, with a strong emphasis on China's manufacturing industry. As the Executive Director of CCR CSR, a leading child rights consultancy based in Hong Kong and Beijing, she heads the design and implementations of operations and stakeholder engagement. She has previously held positions at ELEVATE Limited and the Fair Labour Association in Geneva and Shanghai.


Colin Lee
Director, Corporate Affairs
Cargill Tropical Palm, Cargill

A keen advocate for sustainable practices and the pervasive use of technology to help people and businesses thrive, Colin has been helping companies and individuals transform issues into opportunities and enhance reputations for twenty years. In his present role as the director of corporate affairs for Cargill’s oil palm plantations, Colin actively manages the business’s engagement with key stakeholders, influencing agendas in industry advocacy groups, as well as championing and influencing actions within Cargill to better serve employees, customers, governments, smallholder farmers and local communities.