7th Annual General Meeting of Food Industry Asia (FIA)

Date: Tuesday, 25 April 2017
Venue: Singapore
Time: 4:00pm - 8:30pm

Notice is hereby given that the 7th Annual General Meeting of Food Industry Asia (FIA) will be held on Tuesday, 25 April 2017.
Attendance at AGM 
FIA Member Companies may nominate up to four representatives or guests to attend the AGM on a complimentary basis. Additional guest places will be available at the discretion of the FIA Office Bearers. Please also let us know if you wish to invite non-member guests by contacting catherine.phua@foodindustry.asia.   

If your company’s lead representative is unavailable, please kindly indicate your appointed proxy by 1 April 2016 by notifying catherine.phua@foodindustry.asia.  Each Premium & Full Member Company is entitled to one vote. Please refer to the FIA Constitution for further details.    

Business to be transacted at the AGM:

  • to confirm and adopt the Minutes of the 5th Annual General Meeting convened on 27 April 2016;

  • to confirm and adopt the Annual Report and the Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 January 2017;

  • to confirm and adopt the budget of the Association for new Financial Year 1 February 2017 - 31 January 2018;

  • to elect up to 16 Members of the Coordinating Council and four Office Bearers for 2017 - 2018;to transact such other business as may be properly transacted at an ordinary general meeting (to be filed with the Secretariat by 5pm on 6 April 2017)

Please find the Agenda for the 7th FIA Annual General Meeting here and the Minutes from the 2016 AGM here

*Please note that this event is by invite only. 

Note: The Coordinating Council may place on the agenda of an Annual General Meeting matters other than those set out in Article 9.3.1 of the FIA Constitution. Save as aforesaid, no addition to the circulated agenda shall be made without the unanimous approval of the General Assembly.

The finalised meeting papers, agenda and other AGM documents will be circulated by 11 April 2017.


David Marx
CEO and Founder
The Science Kitchen

David Marx is the creative head, inventor, food designer and founder of the science kitchen , a Berlin based Food Lab where science meets haute cuisine. Here he re-invents food in all its facets and offers the opportunity of re-making and enjoying food with chefs, food designers, equipment manufacturers, futurologists, scientists, politicians, philosophers etc. 


Jeff Haas
Global Head of Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Supply Chain & Commodities
Thomson Reuters

Jeff joined Thomson Reuters in June of 2016 as the Global Head of Agriculture, Food & Beverage.  He has experience leading groups in trading, global commodity risk management, and procurement for several leading multinational consumer packaged goods companies. 

In his current position, Jeff is responsible for managing existing Thomson Reuters’ agricultural solutions as well as the design and manage component of the food & beverage supply chain risk management proposition. 

Katharina Unger
Founder & CEO

Katharina Unger is a thought leader in the space of design for sustainability, food and agricultural innovation. She has worked as a design advisor and consultant in agencies and for her own clients in London, Hong Kong, Vienna, across the USA and Africa. 

She founded Livin Studio and Livin Farms, companies leading in the field of edible insects and novel food innovations. Katharina inspires with storytelling supported by strong visuals and unique ideas. 


Iain Brownlee
Director of Operations, Food & Human Nutrition  
Newcastle University

Dr Iain Brownlee has been involved in food and nutrition-centred teaching and research in Singapore since 2011. He is currently the Director of Operations for Newcastle University’s Food & Human Nutrition research degree programme in Singapore. A great deal of his previous research has been industry-relevant and has involved collaborations with food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. his previous research has focused on the impact of food on health and disease. he is currently involved in a long-term programme of work developing food products with evidenced weight management potential using bioactives from seaweeds.

 Lennart Bjurström
Heart of People & Process
Food for Progress

Lennart has been working in the field of sustainability for the past 30 years, ever since the UN Commission on Environment and Development launched the concept in 1987.  He began his sustainability career as head of the world’s largest student association AIESEC, he went on to spearhead environmental training programmes at Sweden’s largest educational company, he continued as manager of environmental certification at DNV Certification, and finally, for the past 20 years, he has worked as management consultant and leadership coach in different companies and capacities. 

Lennart recently joined one of Scandinavia’s most innovative companies, Food For Progress. His role is to develop people, organizational models, processes and systems so that the human energy is channelled to where it may have the most beneficial impact for planet, people and profits.  




Taste+ aims to promote a healthier lifestyle by replacing unnecessary amount of condiments in our daily consumption. It overlays virtual taste sensations on food and beverages, enabling people to experience digitally augmented taste while eating and drinking. Taste sensations are achieved by applying controlled electrical pulses on the tongue and overlaying different colors using RGB Light Emitting Diode LED on the utensils. This technology to simulate primary taste sensations such as salty, sour, and bitter is now incorporated into everyday utensils: spoon, chopticks, soup bowl and beverage bottle, empowering people to enjoy digital taste in their daily life. 



Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC)
FIRC was launched in 2007 as a joint initiative between Singapore Polytechnic and SPRING Singapore. The centre was established to help small and medium enterprises create and test new products, from concept right up to market testing, using the latest technologies. FIRC aims to be a one-stop centre for food enterprises which provide technical expertise in new product and process development, packaging, shelf life evaluation and market testing (sensory and consumer studies). Our dedicated pilot plant application laboratories, test kitchen and sensory suite are helmed by a core team of experienced professionals who work with clients to develop exciting new variants, solve manufacturing issues and adopt new practices for an increasingly sophisticated food and beverage market. The centre also delivers practical training to meet the needs of the food Industry. We have dedicated training facilities which offers generic, certified end customised training courses. FIRC also organises workshops and seminars to deliver current and practical information to the food and beverage Industry.

Crisp Sensation
Crisp Sensation is a global R&D company, developing and licensing coating technologies for ovenable and microwavable products. Both for in home and out of home markets this technology contributes to better crispiness, convenience in preparation, healthier (low fat) products and improved waste management. We assist our customers in developing and producing unique new product concepts.


Livin Farms was incorporated in 2015 as a company dedicated to creating the world´s smallest footprint to grow edible insects as healthy alternative protein. Most of Livin Farms´operations are currently undertaken out of Shenzhen, China and Hong Kong, though Livin Farms UK Ltd presents the European leg of the company. The Hive, the world´s first tabletop farm to grow edible insects as healthy food in people´s homes. It is the first of its kind technology that allows to grow the full lifecycle of the mealworm. They can be fed on kitchen scraps without adding additional water in the feed. The microclimate is controlled and they are automatically separated from their feed by our patent pending harvest process. We are currently working on a B2B version of our HiveTM technology.

Oumph! is a concept with a new ingredient with a completely unique structure and texture. It’s unlike anything else from the plant kingdom, but at the same time it feels familiar. The Pure Oumph!, the unseasoned flavor, can be used in an endless variety of dishes. 


RedMart is Singapore’s leading online supermarket, offering an unparalleled selection of quality fresh food, household essentials and general merchandise. We are a pioneering, customer-centric e-commerce and logistics company, providing both an online B2C retail offering and a marketplace platform for independent brands and retailers to sell their products. RedMart was founded in August 2011 by Roger Egan, Vikram Rupani and Rajesh Lingappa. The company is backed by well-respected investors including Eduardo Saverin, Garena, SoftBank Ventures, Visionnaire Ventures, Toivo Annus, and Golden Gate Ventures.

The BSI Group

The British Standards Institution (BSI) Group, incorporated by Royal Charter, is a business standards company that helps organisations all over the world make excellence a habit through standards creation, system certification, supplier verification and training activities that manage risk, reduce costs and ensure sustainability.

Established in 1901, BSI was the world's first national standards body. The original BSI committee met for the first time on the day Queen Victoria died – 22 January 1901. One of the first standards it went on to publish was designed to reduce the number of sizes of tramway rails.