IThe value of strategic public-private partnerships in helping Asia’s business and political leaders address the region’s challenges will be highlighted at this year’s Sharing Value Asia 2013: Partnership for Growth Forum in Singapore.

Taking place on 23 October, the one-day forum organised by PublicAffairsAsia will examine the importance of such partnerships in helping tackle inequality, deliver sustainable development and build governmental capacity for innovation.

Attracting senior representatives from government agencies, corporations and non-government organisations (NGOs), the forum will allow these stakeholders to explore the different strategies, knowledge and skills needed to build successful public-private partnerships.

Craig Hoy, Executive Director, PublicAffairsAsia highlights: “In an era when Asian governments will ask more of the private sector, the forum will provide a platform for stakeholders to discuss and share corporate strategies on how to engage with government and third sector agencies.”

FIA Executive Director, Bev Postma, agrees that public-private partnerships are vital in enabling growth and development in the region, particularly in Asia’s food and beverage sector, and believes the Sharing Value Asia Forum will provide critical insights into such partnerships.

“Across Asia, the food industry is increasingly working with the public sector to encourage healthier lifestyles, improve food quality and enhance food safety standards across the supply chain.

“In countries such as Korea, Malaysia and Thailand, collaboration between the industry and the public sector has allowed for the successful scaling up of nutrition education and physical activity promotion programmes that add value to pre-existing initiatives by individual partners.”

Ms Postma added that public-private collaboration also has a vital role to play in helping to enhance food quality and safety standards in the region, and globally.

“FIA has recently become a partner to the Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) – a unique platform developed by the World Bank to improve the safety of the global food supply chain.

“It is through partnerships like this one, which call for collaboration between all relevant actors from the public and private sectors, that we can be greater than the sum of our parts in the area of food safety, by acknowledging the need for both global and local solutions,” she said.

Ms Postma also commended the work of the newly established ASEAN Food and Beverage Alliance (AFBA), which seeks to strengthen public-private dialogues between government leaders and the industry in ASEAN and accelerate the harmonisation of food standards and regulatory processes in the region.

“AFBA has been established to work alongside the public sector and other key stakeholders to help remove technical barriers to trade and promote a collaborative approach to achieving sustainable growth in the food sector. Such partnerships between the private and public sectors are important in facilitating trade within the industry and unlocking the industry’s full potential for the benefit of small, medium and large companies and their consumers,” she said.

Mr Hoy concluded that the Sharing Value Asia Forum will provide an opportunity for a cross section of leaders to engage in forward-looking discussions on corporate led partnerships.

“With a keynote address from Dr Noeleen Heyzer, Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), as well as presentations from industry leaders across the region, the forum will provide critical insights into developing and managing successful public-private partnerships to help Asia manage emerging and current challenges.”

FIA Members are entitled to a special discount for this forum. Please contact Nazmul Islam at the FIA Secretariat to obtain the discount code.