Reformulation Case-Study: The Coca-Cola Company
Challenge: Reducing Sugar

Coca-Cola, India Introduces the first-ever no sugar variant of Thums Up – “Thums Up Charged No Sugar”

The Coca-Cola Company is on course in transforming itself as the growth-oriented, consumer-centered, Total Beverage Company offering beverages for life. The ‘Beverages for Life’ strategy recognizes consumer diversity and believes in giving consumers more beverage choices in varied packages, for the occasions they want. Coca-Cola listens to its consumer base to understand their preferences and develop products to suit their evolving tastes.

In line with this, Coca-Cola has been actively engaged in innovating and reformulating its product range – with the reduction in portion sizes, introducing new zero and reduced-sugar beverages, reducing sugar in existing beverages, while maintaining the same great taste.

Overcoming Challenges

With the commitment towards sugar reduction, Coca-Cola India introduced the first-ever no sugar variant of the homegrown beverage brand Thums Up. The introduction of the new variant caters to the audience who love the iconic taste of Thums Up but are conscious of their sugar intake. The sugar-free version maintains similar taste profile as in the original formulation. However, achieving this was not an easy feat as sugar is key ingredient in Thums Up Charged. To keep the taste of the original Thums Up Charged intact in the no-sugar variant, Coca-Cola chose sucralose to sweeten the beverage as it does not leave behind an aftertaste and because it is stable at high temperatures and help influence an extended shelf life. A derivative of sucrose, sucralose provides the same sweetness of sugar at no calories. Coca-Cola also optimized the product composition and flavour base by adding the right amount of Sucralose, retaining the original taste.


By providing more choices, Coca-Cola is building its brand loyalty and recruiting more consumers in its journey. This also serves as a significant milestone to its vision to make Thums Up – the first home-grown billion-dollar beverage brand.