Reformulation Case-Study: The Coca-Cola Company
Challenge: Reducing Sugar

Coca-Cola, India reducing sugar in Fanta Fruity Orange with locally sourced fruit juice

Coca-Cola India has been involved in being a part of the virtuous fruit circular economy by using a variety of Indian fruits, to enhance its business results while also promoting its local agri-economy.

With consumers increasingly seeking for more natural products with lesser sugar, Coca-Cola India launched Fanta Fruity Orange which contains 5% orange fruit juice procured from Indian farms and a 20% reduction in sugar from the original Fanta. This marked the beginning of Coca-Cola India reformulating its aerated beverage portfolio with Indian Fruit Juice – a move which has the potential of contributing to a transformative impact on the agricultural sector while providing consumers with a low sugar version of their most loved beverage, Fanta.

Overcoming Challenges

To successfully mark its entry into a new category of Carbonated Beverage with Fruit, Coca-Cola India manufactured Fanta Fruity Orange using a cold fill process that is used to develop regular sparkling beverages, minimizing additional investments. The beverage formulation incorporated a robust preservative system to prevent microbial damage due to the use of fruit juices and used stevia to sweeten the beverage, reducing the amount of sugar present in the product, by 20%.

The major challenge was to maintain a light profile, same as the signature brand ‘Aquarius’. Aquarius Glucocharge contains fruit juice, which makes the product heavier in profile as compared to Aquarius.


The new Fanta Fruity Orange containing 10% real fruit juice and 20% lesser sugar has enabled similar product reformulation efforts for other sparkling beverages such as Limca and Sprite to be reformulated with real lemon juice.

Furthermore, the locally sourced fruit juices will influence a lasting impact on the Indian agricultural eco-system, supplementing farmers’ incomes through supply chain interventions carried out by Coca-Cola India and support the government’s vision to support the local economy.