Reformulation Case-Study: The Coca-Cola Company
Challenge: Reducing Sugar

Coca-Cola, India: Enhancing Hydration with Aquarius Glucocharge

Coca-Cola India has developed an ‘incubation model’ to develop and launch newer choice of beverages specific to the taste of the Indian consumer in a considerable shorter turn-around time. Aquarius GLUCOCHARGE, packed with glucose, essential minerals (Potassium, Sodium, Calcium) and fruit juice has been developed exclusively for Indian consumers who toil in the heat and need instant rehydration to overcome exhaustion. This non-carbonated, low-sugar beverage with fruit juice is priced at an affordable value of Rs. 10/- for a 200ml serving.

The strategic extension of the portfolio is in line with Coca-Cola’s journey towards a Total Beverage Company, which is centered on building an increasingly diverse consumer-centric portfolio of brands attuned to unique consumer preferences. The launch of new products also adds another milestone to the company’s focus on ‘fruit circular economy' enabling farmers to increase their yield, source pulp and launch fruit-based products.

Overcoming Challenges

To cater to Indian consumers who need to stay hydrated, given their hot working conditions, Coca-Cola India developed an “instant rehydration” beverage that offers three times the benefits to the consumer. In this product, the goodness of the juice is combined with essential ions such as Calcium and Potassium together with instant energy released by glucose.

The major challenge was to maintain a light profile, same as the signature brand ‘Aquarius’. Aquarius Glucocharge contains fruit juice, which makes the product heavier in profile as compared to Aquarius.


The team overcame this by optimizing the product composition to maintain a light profile. The Apple variant was formulated with 10% juice content, while Orange & Lemon variants comprise of 5% juice content. Four variants of great tasting, rehydrating offerings were developed & introduced in the market within a short span of time to suit palates of different consumers.