Reformulation Case-Study: The Coca-Cola Company
Challenge: Increasing Fibre

Coca-Cola, China: Expanding Product Portfolio with Sprite Fibre Plus, Coca-Cola Fibre Plus and Chun Yue Fibre Water

With consumers at the heart of everything we do, the Coca-Cola Company has always been striving to expand its portfolio of beverages with healthier offerings. One option of doing so is to add nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre and electrolytes to satisfy consumers’ evolving needs.

Dietary fibre helps maintain normal intestinal function and contributes to a healthy diet. However, according to the Monitoring Report on the Nutrition and Health Status of the Chinese Residents 2010-2012, the intake of dietary fibre by the average Chinese is generally insufficient, showing a downward trend.

The current daily intake of dietary fibre per capita in China is 11 grams, as seen in both urban and rural areas, while the recommended intake of dietary fibre for a Chinese adult is about 25-30 grams/day.

Overcoming Challenges

To help address the lack of dietary fibre among the Chinese population, The Coca-Cola Company has developed several beverages with added fibre including Coca-Cola Fibre Plus and Sprite Fibre Plus, satisfying about 30% of the daily fibre requirements for a Chinese adult.

The added fibre comes from a Japanese patent resistant dextrin which is widely used in Japan's Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU). It has been proven that the fibre not only adjusts the intestinal environment, but also helps to lower the increase in postprandial blood glucose and triglyceride levels.


In 2018, Coca-Cola China launched three fibre plus products: Sprite Fibre Plus in March, Chun Yue Fibre Water and Coca-Cola Fibre Plus launched in May and July respectively.

Coca-Cola Fibre Plus and Sprite Fibre Plus both contain 7.5 grams of fibre per 500ml bottle of product, equivalent to 30% of recommended daily intake of dietary fibre for adults.

Fans of Coke and Sprite can enjoy a sugar-free drink that is supplemented with fibre.

The market performance for these products have been positive, with the sales of Sprite Fibre Plus at ten-million unit cases within five months after its launch.

Similarly, Each 480 ml bottle of Chun Yue Fibre Water contains 7.2 grams of fibre, meeting 28% of the daily dietary fibre requirements for an adult, adding one more SKU to Chun Yue purified water.