On this page you will find some interesting reports and case-studies related to the key pillars of FIA – Health and Nutrition, Food Safety, Harmonisation and Sustainability.


  • Building food resilience in times of uncertainty: COVID-19
  • Effects on Food Preferences in Thailand, Philippines & Indonesia
  • Effects on Food Preferences in China
  • Food Safety Risks Related to COVID-19 in Asia Pacific

Health and Nutrition

  • GDA Industry Report
  • Sweeteners
  • Tackling Obesity in ASEAN
  • Reformulation
  • Voluntary Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labelling for the Food & Beverage Industry in Asia

Trade and Harmonisation

  • The Review of Food Registration Processes and Requirements in ASEAN
  • Infographic Nutrition Labelling on Pre-packaged Food: Impact on Trade in ASEAN
  • Nutrition Labelling on Pre-packaged food: Impact on Trade in ASEAN
  • The Economic Impact of the Food Industry in Singapore
  • Infographic FIA-AFBA Proposal for MRA between Halal Certifying Bodies in ASEAN
  • Removing Non-Tariff Barriers in ASEAN through Regulatory Convergence and Mutual Recognition in the Food Sector

Food Safety

  • Just a Click Away! Bringing forward food eCommerce in Asia
  • Food Risk Communication Toolkit
  • Food Risk Communication Toolkit - Model Process Summary
  • Food E-Commerce Across Asia: Risks and Opportunities
  • Food Fraud

Sustainable Packaging

  • FIA Sustainable Packaging Report


  • FIA Annual Report 2020
  • FIA Annual Report 2019
  • FIA Annual Report 2018
  • FIA Food for the Future Summit - Post-Summit Report 2019
  • FIA Food for the Future Summit - Post-Summit Report 2018