Pradeep Pant Re-elected FIA President

SINGAPORE – Pradeep Pant was re-elected FIA President April 12 for a third successive term at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Pant, who has served as President of FIA since the organisation’s inception in 2010, was unanimously re-elected by the FIA General Assembly, which includes senior representatives from 15 food and beverage companies. As President of Kraft Foods Asia Pacific, Pant is responsible for leading a portfolio of popular brands across 15 markets in the region.

“I am honoured to be asked to continue to lead the organisation for another year and I am proud of the things we have accomplished together in the last two years,” Pant said. “It has been gratifying to work closely with my industry peers on the FIA Council on non-competitive issues of mutual interest, and I look forward to our continued collaboration as we step up our engagement in this dynamic region.”

FIA Executive Director Bev Postma said Pant has provided strong leadership and a clear sense of purpose as FIA connects with stakeholders throughout the region.

“Pradeep has ably led FIA since its inauguration and has ensured that we remain focused on the ways the industry can contribute through voluntary self-regulation, responsible leadership and proactive dialogue with governments and policy makers,” Postma said.

Looking ahead, Pant said that he anticipates FIA will continue to enjoy cross-sector dialogue as it seeks partnerships with governments, regulators, NGOs and communities.

“Kraft Foods – like the other FIA members – is deeply invested in a wide range of programmes that holistically contribute to well being in Asia,” Pant said. “It remains important that we continue talking to the various stakeholders in the region to coordinate our efforts and determine best practices as we address mutual challenges.”

Following Pant’s re-election, the FIA Council joined a number of VIP guests for the launch of its inaugural report “The Contribution of Food & Beverage Companies to Health and Nutrition in Asia,” available for download on the FIA website.