‘Partnership to Benefit Society’: FIA Interviews Mark McCormack

SINGAPORE – The FIA Secretariat recently had the opportunity to speak to Mark McCormack, President & CEO, Kerry Ingredients & Flavours Asia-Pacific, and a member of the FIA Coordinating Council.

McCormack shared with us his perspective on FIA and the lessons he’s learned since the organisation was founded.

FIA: What was Kerry’s primary motivation for joining FIA?
McCormack: Kerry is a leading global food ingredients and flavours provider and as a leader in our industry we are keen to engage in a platform that develops the industry as a whole. FIA provides the industry with a voice. It is critical that we engage with governments as a whole supply chain on issues of importance across the region.

FIA: What have you learned since joining?
McCormack: Industry can work together extremely effectively on non-competitive issues to positively contribute to regional development. This benefits communities, businesses and governments, especially in developing economies.

FIA: What has surprised you about working with your peers at FIA?
McCormack: FIA brings together senior business leaders with a wealth of expertise. Beyond just expertise, these leaders are passionate about what they do. By working together, big things can be accomplished.  I have been particularly impressed by the scientific integrity behind all FIA policies.  Between us, we can draw on a huge wealth of scientific expertise, which can be used to accelerate growth in the region.
FIA: What has been the greatest value thus far?
McCormack: FIA has been invaluable in raising awareness of the need for multi-stakeholder cooperation; the association has been effective in organising industry responses to emerging issues. As responsible food manufacturers, we are all committed to ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of food safety and quality.

Here at Kerry, we are constantly developing new technologies and new standards in food safety. When it comes to protecting consumers, we are always keen to pool this scientific knowledge, especially in developing countries. Through FIA, we have the opportunity to accelerate local capacity-building by working hand-in-hand with governments throughout the region. We are proud to invest our time and energy in building a first class supply chain.
FIA: What are your hopes for the future of the organisation?
McCormack: Continued partnership throughout the region to benefit business and society. This region is not without its challenges but there are huge opportunities for growth. Through FIA, we can work together to promote best practice and accelerate the removal of remaining barriers that may be hindering the region’s potential. As individual companies we will continue to play our part in building infrastructure and driving investment, but by working collectively on non-competitive issues, we can be greater than the sum of our parts.