Opinion: How Singapore’s food industry is shaking things up for the future

It is undeniable that the food and drinks in supermarkets have been changing – from production to packaging, writes Matthew Kovac, Executive Director, Food Industry Asia (FIA) and Kee Ai Nah, Executive Director, Lifestyle & Consumer Cluster, Enterprise Singapore in this op-ed piece that was first published in Food Navigator-Asia.

The demand for healthier options and heightened consumers’ awareness of how non-biodegradable packaging impacts our environment have resulted in a need for the industry to adapt and address such needs. These trends are driving the food industry to innovate in their products and solutions and how no signs of slowing down.

Balancing the scales with reformulation

With the rising demand for healthier food options, the food industry has a heavy responsibility – not only to develop food and drinks which taste good, but also provide us with nutritious products, that are reasonably priced. This careful balancing act cannot be underestimated.

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