Food Industry Asia (FIA) and ASN Media Have Joined Forces to Produce an Online News Programme Focused on the Food Industry Across the Asian Region

“Food for the Future TV” will offer a long-form and high-engagement overview of the industry that will explore key issues, highlight leading work and look to the future of the industry.

Food for the Future TV will explore key issues ranging from; sustainability & waste; health & nutrition; innovation and raising standards. Food for the Future TV will highlight leading programmes being developed and supported by FIA across the region as well as combining interviews with leading professionals, news reports from the industry and sponsored editorial profiles of leading organisations from the sector.

Matt Kovac, Executive Director of FIA, said: “The partnership with ASN Media provides us with a great opportunity to tell the story of the food industry in Asia. With nearly half of the world’s population in this region, and issues like the double-burden of malnutrition prevalent across several countries, there is a need for the food industry to look towards innovation to provide Asian consumers with safe and nutritious food. Food for the Future TV will provide the opportunity to showcase some of these industry efforts. “

Jonathan Love, Director of ASN Media, said: “ASN Media is excited to be working with FIA to tell the story of the food industry across the Asian region. The food industry impacts each of us every single day, with a number of us probably not fully understanding what processes the products we consume have been through to end up in our households. We’re looking forward to highlighting the issues, innovative organisations and human stories in this crucial industry.”

The programme will be officially launched at the FIA Food for the Future Summit, 23 April 2020 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The programme will form part of an extensive communications campaign to reach and engage with FIA members, industry leaders, organisations, writers, bloggers and journalists.

If you would like to register your interest for Food for the Future TV or find out more information please contact Jonathan Love from ASN Media at