Eyes on efficiency, FIA steps up with new website

SINGAPORE – FIA’s new website is online, providing members with a host of useful new features that will make the organisation faster, more efficient, more collaborative, and better able to meet its key objectives.

The website project was the result of several months’ work by the FIA Secretariat. The goal was to produce an online tool that would streamline the organisation’s work, making it easier to share information and communicate with members and the public.

“Every aspect of the site has been designed with members in mind,” said FIA Executive Director Bev Postma. “We built the site to make life easier for our members and enable them to easily access critical resources and information. We hope to be even more efficient in cascading information thanks to the new site.”

Below, find a brief overview of some of the new site’s key features.

New public features

The new site is a significant step forward from the old FIA website in terms of presentation to the public. The new site offers the public more information and makes it easier to understand FIA and its key issues. The key public aspects of the new site include:

  • A detailed “About FIA” section with pages on FIA’s mission, services, structure, members and network.
  • A new “Our Priorities” page, giving a public-facing introduction to FIA’s key issues.
  • A News section featuring stories such as the Statement of Mutual Recognition between FIA and the Singapore Manufacturers’ Association (SMa). This section will be regularly updated with interesting news stories related to FIA and the industry.

Members only features

The new site also includes a number of password protected tools that are designed for members only. The most exciting of these new tools includes:

  • An expanded News section, with stories not viewable by the general public.
  • An events calendar that will put all of FIA’s key dates – committee meetings, annual general meetings, teleconferences, etc – in one easy to find, centralised place.
  • A Committees & Meetings section that will centralise everything needed for committee meetings and teleconferences, and other FIA gatherings such as Council meetings and Annual General Meetings.
  • A Document Library that houses a range of materials, including:
    • FIA Governance & Guidelines. This includes materials such as the FIA Constitution.
    • Key Issues. Here you’ll find information related to both FIA’s key workstreams (NCDs and harmonisation) as well as critical resources from past issues the organisation has dealt with, such as the phthalates crisis.
    • Reports and publications. Need a soft copy of FIA’s regional Policy and Regulatory Report? It’s in the Document Library, ready to be downloaded at your convenience.

Future plans

Though the new site is a huge step forward, a Phase 2 is already in development, with some exciting new features sure to come.

“We’re looking at ways of making the site more interactive for members,” said Bev Postma. “In addition to the expanded public sections of the site, Phase 1 is about giving the Secretariat more tools to talk to members. For Phase 2, we will build in more tools to make this a group conversation.”

In the meantime, FIA is hoping for feedback from members on the new site.

“We’re excited to have this new online tool,” Postma said. “Log on, explore the site, use the tools, and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.”