Start-ups: Revolutionising Singapore’s food industry

With consumer demand for healthier and nutritious food rising, along with that for more sustainable packaging and transparency in the foods they consume, it is no surprise how the food industry in Singapore is cooking up a new breed of start-ups.

Start-ups in the industry today are bringing to the table many innovative solutions that aim to address the growing awareness on issues like obesity and diabetes, environment degradation and sustainability – plant-based proteins, sugar alternatives and earth-friendly eco-packaging are just some of the rising trends looking to meet changing national health priorities and consumer preferences.

Callery's Reduced-Calorie Ice Cream

For example, local ice cream brand Callery’s has found a way to combine food science and safety with culinary arts to develop ‘guilt-free’ ice cream that is low in sugar and calories and yet, still tastes as good as any other ice cream.

Since its launch about five months ago, almost 5,000 tubs of the ice cream have been sold. Today, the homegrown start-up, which will be featured as an Innovator at the second edition of the FIA Food for the Future Summit, has plans to introduce more flavours to its ice cream range and reformulate other indulgent food.

TRIA's Sustainable Food Packaging

On a separate spectrum, sustainable food packaging start-up, TRIA, aims to reduce single-use plastic and food waste through their Bio24 system. Using a patented biodigestor, their plant-based foodware can be rapidly composted alongside food waste to create nutrient-enriched fertilizer within 24 hours. In some ways, the flourishing rise of start-ups in the industry have contributed to the steady and encouraging growth of Singapore’s food industry.

According to Matthew Kovac, Executive Director of FIA, with consumers now having a better understanding of healthier food options and the impact of sustainable packaging on our environment, it is no surprise that start-up companies, especially those in the food technology space, are leveraging the opportunities to introduce innovative products and solutions to the market.

“However, to sustain this growth, it is important that key food industry players are also providing as much support to the local food start-up scene,” said Mr Kovac.

He further shared that featuring Innovators at the FIA Food for the Future Summit is one of the key ways the industry body is providing a platform for food start-ups to grow.

“The Innovators that we’ve invited to be part of the FIA Food for the Future Summit this year are start-ups that focus on various aspects of the food industry, including food packaging, alternative food solutions and nutrition. It is always interesting to hear from founders of these start-ups how they’ve come up with their solutions and what their aspirations for their respective businesses are.

“We hope that by providing these start-ups, or Innovators, with a platform to share their insights and ideas, as well as network with established food industry players, they have the opportunity to become bigger growth engines of Singapore’s food industry,” shared Mr Kovac.

Representing Callery’s, Ow Yau Png, Co-founder and CEO, highlighted how the start-up is looking forward to take part in the upcoming FIA Food for the Future Summit.

Meanwhile, Mr Ng Pei Kang, CEO of TRIA, is excited to showcase their hassle-free solution to recycle food waste at the FIA Food for the Future Summit.

Callery's and TRIA will be showcasing their innovative products and solutions at the FIA Food for the Future Summit on 25 April 2019. Early bird rates are still available, visit the website for more information. 

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