Food Innovations of 2019 & Beyond

Today, new lifestyles, higher incomes and consumer awareness are creating greater demand for a year-round supply of high-quality, nutritious and innovative food products. The depletion of natural resources and negative effects of global warming on health and agriculture have also reinforced the need to accelerate impactful innovations to ensure a sustainable ecosystem that is able to meet current and future food needs.

A focus of the recently concluded FIA Food for the Future Summit, leading players from across the region’s food industry discussed the innovations needed to feed the world of tomorrow and how collaborations can help to accelerate their implementation. Find out directly from key industry leaders and experts as they share their thoughts on food innovations of 2019 and beyond.


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FIA was founded in July 2010 by a group of leading food and beverage companies. From our base in Singapore, we seek to enhance the industry's role as a trusted partner in the development of science-based policy in the region. FIA provides an important hub for advocacy and debate. We bring together the food industry's most senior business leaders to champion initiatives that promote sustainable growth and support regional policies that deliver harmonised results.