Monde Nissin Becomes First Philippine Food & Beverage Company to Join FIA

Monde Nissin Corporation, a global food & beverage company headquartered in Manila, Philippines, has joined Food Industry Asia (FIA), expanding the association’s network of responsible businesses. Monde Nissin started operations in 1980 with annual sales of USD 3,000; it now has a presence in more than thirty countries, with revenue exceeding USD 1.2 billion in 2016. Monde Nissin places emphasis on its commitment to provide healthier and more sustainable food.

Mr Henry Soesanto, Monde Nissin’s Chief Executive Officer, noted: “We are delighted to join FIA, especially now that there is a compelling need to promote alignment with FIA’s vision of a safe and sustainable food industry. We have all been urged to rethink how we grow, consume, and share our food. We are here to work closely with the industry to realise this vision."

In 2015, Monde Nissin acquired Marlow Foods, the manufacturer of Quorn, an innovative brand that offers a sustainable, healthy protein source. Mr Soesanto shared, “Recently, we reflected on our purpose and vision, and sought to provide a guiding principle for our businesses that recognises the need for mutual dependency between our company and our society. The purpose of Monde Nissin then is to improve the wellbeing and quality of life, the environment and our planet and create sustainable solutions for food security.”

“This purpose guides the journey of the company,” he said, “and one step in the journey was the acquisition of Quorn Foods in 2015. Quorn is an accurate reflection of our commitment to shift the balance of consumption patterns toward food that is healthier for both the consumers and the environment. It is a business that responds directly to two major societal issues today: consumer health and the health of our planet, as we are now living in a time in which our food choices can no longer be separated between the health of our body and of the planet. We are facing global health issues like obesity and diabetes, and as the population grows, the way we consume our food today is simply unsustainable and will dramatically impact the environment.”

Mr Soesanto added, “What makes Quorn unique is mycoprotein. The discovery of mycoprotein can be traced to a garden in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, in the United Kingdom, where Fusarium venenatum was first identified in 1968. The name mycoprotein was later recognised by the U.K. Food Standards Committee in 1974.”

He further noted that mycoprotein production allows for a much smaller carbon footprint than the typical livestock production process does. Quorn is the first global brand of an alternative protein source to achieve third-party certification of its carbon footprint figures. It has been approved for consumption by the strictest Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorities around the world, and since its launch in 1985, it has served more than 3 billion meals in more than 15 countries to date. Mr Soesanto said, “We are excited to bring our newest innovation to meet the needs of consumers in Asia.”

Mr Matt Kovac, Executive Director at FIA, said, “We are delighted to welcome Monde Nissin to our growing network of members. I am confident that the team at Monde Nissin will bring valuable expertise and leadership to our Committees and Working Groups, to enable us to address the more challenging health and nutrition issues in the region. These perspectives and advice will support our collective efforts in improving nutrition, food safety and harmonised food standards for the benefit of all businesses and consumers in Asia.”

Since 2000, Monde Nissin has been consistently included among the top 50 corporations in the Philippines, based on gross revenue. Monde Nissin’s growing and diversifying portfolio accurately represents the company’s vision for a sustainable food industry.

For more information about joining FIA, please visit our Membership Benefits page or contact the FIA Secretariat.