SMF & MTI-PEP Dialogue Session

This dialogue session serves as an avenue for SMF F&B IG members to raise queries, discuss issues and exchange solutions on advancements in areas of food manufacturing; and also an award presentation to recognise the efforts of SMF in partnering the PEP and public sector in working towards streamlining regulations. 
The F&B IG Committee will represent SMF to share with MTI on the various topics / feedback / suggestions raised by members. Secretariats will be consolidating the topics by members before the actual dialogue session. Some guiding points are included below to help in your formulating of questions:

a) Business regulations (or lack thereof) that are hindering innovation/ technology adoption (and growth as a result);
b) Business regulatory issues that cut across various govt agencies and stakeholders;
c) Relevance of existing business regulations (whether any existing specific areas should be reviewed).
d) Extension of land lease
e) Re-building of existing space
f) Faster Adoption of international regulations, like CODEX
g) Level playing field – low cost competition from SCORE (prison manufacturing), home-made food products etc
h) Other

Each company should send only ONE representative,  from senior management preferably MD/CEO/GM, for the briefing. Seats are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. 

Please kindly confirm your attendance for the dialogue by sending a response to Ms Christine Neo at christine and Ms Neo Yin Yao at with the following details: 

a) Company Name
b) Name (Mr/Ms)
c) Email
d) Designation
e) Tel
f) Mobile
g) Question/s to be raised

Please send a response by Friday, 23 March 2018 so that they can make the appropriate logistic arrangements.