The Taiwan Food Industry Development Association (TFIDA) has developed a three-pronged strategy to help improve the visibility of data across the food supply chain in order to better predict and anticipate future food safety incidents.

The strategy, which also aims to increase food industry compliance with local regulations by promoting awareness and understanding of regulatory requirements, is being submitted to the Taiwanese Government by TFIDA and includes three key components:

  • Data Management Concept – a web-based information management system for food and beverage companies which allows all levels of the supply chain to capture, store, analyse and retrieve product technical, and market compliance information between vendors and customers throughout the global supply chain.
  • Food Regulatory Search and Consulting Services – a global regulatory database that will automate the process of monitoring and collecting worldwide legislation updates. It will provide country-specific, ingredient-specific and product category specific regulations and updates, enabling customers to perform data interpretation and analysis based on their business needs. This project team will also offer consulting services for projects that require additional expert analysis and review. 
  • Food Safety and Fraud Alert Services – media and online search and analysis to track and notify users of publicly available information on potential issues within the food supply chain. 

Mr Kenneth Chan, Chairman of the TFIDA, said the proposed strategy is the food industry’s proactive response to today’s environment where food supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and globalised.

“Policy makers and the food industry need to collectively move from responding to food safety issues, to proactively anticipating and addressing food safety issues. Increasing the visibility of the supply chain risk is essential to achieving this.

“It is also critical that food companies understand domestic and international regulatory requirements to ensure they are producing safe, high quality products that meet the requirements of all markets where they are sold.

“The availability of accurate, on demand technical data and documentation is vital to ensure that new and existing products being brought to market are safe, and compliant with regulations. Making this information available and easily accessible is what we’re seeking to achieve with this proposed new strategy,” Chairman Chan said.

The strategy was presented at the 3rd Asia Pacific International Conference on Food Safety in Taipei, where Bev Postma, FIA Executive Director was speaking at the event. She commended the TFIDA for developing the strategy and said:

“Ensuring that food and beverage companies have complete visibility across the supply chain, and accurate and reliable data about complex regulatory requirements is essential in ensuring the industry is able to supply safe high quality products to people locally, and across the globe.

“I congratulate the TFIDA for its leadership in this area and I look forward to tracking the progress of this strategy and supporting its roll out as part of our wider commitment to the Global Food Safety Partnership.”

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