Studies carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO), indicate that 1.9 billion people worldwide are considered overweight and obese. Asia is not immune to this crisis, with a study carried out in 2017 by the Economist Intelligence Unit pointing to sharply rising number of overweight and obese in 6 South East Asian countries.

In response, governments all around the world are considering or are implementing policies to curb sugar consumption, including sugar taxes. In Asia, sugar tax on sugar sweetened beverages have been implemented in Brunei, Sri Lanka,Thailand and the Philippines, and other countries are expected to follow suit.

Join us as we evaluate the various sugar taxation systems implemented globally, examine the role of sugar tax implemented in Southeast Asia and assess the impact on various beverage categories coupled with the response by manufacturers and consumers.


Nathanael Lim
Research Analyst


Nathanael is a research analyst in Euromonitor International, specializing in government legislation, consumer behavior and product innovations in several Asia Pacific markets including the Philippines, Malaysia and Myanmar. He currently leads a team of local analysts researching on market opportunities and challenges of the industries of drinks and tobacco. Furthermore, he has a strong interest in exploring the impact of various government legislation such as sugar tax on the performance of beverages, contributing several articles in trade magazines including Asia Pacific Food Industry Magazine.

He is also quoted by the regional and local press notably in Reuters, commenting on the growing consumer preference for healthier beverages and most recently, gave a presentation at the Asia Drinks Conference in Bangkok.