SINGAPORE – FIA has a new member in Symrise, the world's fourth largest supplier of flavourings and fragrances.

Symrise will be ably represented on the FIA Public Affairs Committee by Vice President Mathys Boeren, and on the Science & Technical Committee by Regulatory Affairs Director Dr Ruowei Strange.

Declan McFadden, President, Asia Pacific Flavour Division, attributed the company's decision to join FIA to the organisation’s proven ability to bring the industry together on issues of common interest.

“I am delighted to join this impressive group of business leaders as together we address some of the non-competitive issues that are unique to our industry,” McFadden said. “Asia includes some of our most diverse and fastest-growing markets in the world right now, and we are excited by the opportunity to contribute to the region’s development.”

Symrise employs more than 5,000 staff and supplies products and services to large multinational companies as well as regional and local manufacturers. With its regional headquarters in Singapore, the Flavour & Nutrition Division offers a spectrum of over 15,000 products, which are sold in 140 countries.

“We're delighted to be joined by Symrise,” said FIA Executive Director Bev Postma. “As a major supplier of flavourings and fragrances, Symrise sits at the front line of the food supply chain. We know they will lend a valuable perspective to the organisation and we are looking forward to working with their regional experts.


According to Postma, Symrise’s decision to join FIA is further testimony to the strength of the organisation's vision and mission.

"There is tremendous value in tackling the region's unique opportunities together, rather than individually," Postma said. "In the last twelve months, our members have demonstrated that by coming together on non-competitive issues, they can achieve a collective outcome that is far greater than the sum of their parts."

For more information on joining FIA, contact the FIA Secretariat.