FIA Welcomes Leading Ingredients Company Cosucra as Newest Member

Cosucra Groupe Warcoing SA, a family-owned company based in Western Belgium that produces inulin and pea protein, is the 34th company to join Food Industry Asia’s growing network of responsible, innovative businesses operating in Asia.

Cosucra was the world’s first producer of industrial inulin. Inulin is a prebiotic fibre used in functional foods to stimulate the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. It is used to improve gut health, constipation problems, and as sugar and fat replacers to improve the nutritional profile of food products.

Established in 1852, Cosucra gradually reoriented its production toward nutritional ingredients extracted from chicory roots and yellow peas, two plants typically found in the western Belgian region. This was a bold decision that would make the company the world leader in natural ingredients, including FIBRULINE® soluble chicory fibre, PISANE® pea protein isolate, SWELITE® pea cell-wall fibre and NASTAR® pea starch.

Mr Michel Dewael, Commercial Director at Cosucra, said: “Cosucra is particularly attentive to the evolution of the Asian market, and we are convinced that our high-quality natural ingredients can answer some of our current and future problems such as obesity and diabetes. It is with this perspective that we believe that FIA, which represents the Asian food industry, can help us to achieve this objective by facilitating contacts and relations with local actors – such as government authorities and scientists – within the Asian market.”

With its own agronomic research centre Chicoline, where it develops chicory seeds, Cosucra has invested considerable resources in research and development (R&D). “Cosucra thinks food better. Naturally” is the company’s mission and philosophy – beyond producing food ingredients, Cosucra strives to invent them. The company contributes to healthy and sustainable foodstuff by focusing on natural food benefits, and providing easy-to-use integrated solutions for consumers.

Cosucra joins FIA with strong belief that the private sector must – and does – play a positive role in civil society, through the building of relationships with governments and policymakers to improve food quality.

“We are delighted to welcome Cosucra on board,” said Mr Matt Kovac, FIA’s Executive Director. “The company is developing ingredients to help solve some of the biggest health challenges across Asia; and as part of FIA’s network, Cosucra will undoubtedly add much value to our continuing work partnering with governments, academics and civil society across the region toward improving public health nutrition of the Asian population.”

Cosucra is a company rooted not only in its geographic region, but also its values established since the beginning. The family business integrates long-term vision and innovation, combined with a specific focus on consumer health and environmental preservation. Cosucra believes that it is the earth itself that nourishes the company’s development – therefore, it is very committed to limiting its impact on the environment.

The food industry faces many challenges, including meeting the needs of an ever-growing global population whilst limiting damage to the environment. Cosucra, mindful of these, strongly believes in anticipating trends, and that its chicory roots fibres and yellow pea ingredients are just some products that will play an important role in solving such challenges, particularly in Asia.

Food Industry Asia (FIA) is a non-profit organisation that was formed in 2010 to enable major food manufacturers to speak with one voice on complex issues such as health & nutrition, food safety and the harmonisation of standards. From its base in Singapore, FIA seeks to enhance the industry's role as a trusted partner and collaborator in the development of science-based policy throughout Asia. To do so means acting as a knowledge hub for Asia’s national industry associations and affiliated groups to support with their engagement of public bodies and other stakeholders across the region.

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