FIA Welcomes Four New Members

As FIA enters its fifth year, it is pleased to welcome four new companies to its growing network of Associate Members. The rapid pace of development across Asia amid global trends is presenting both opportunities and challenges for the food and beverage industry in the region. There is a constant need for measured, multi-stakeholder conversations that tackle a range of priorities at FIA from food safety to regional trade, through to public health developments that require complex multi-stakeholder solutions. In this context, the importance of a regional association that works with partners who support the food and beverage industry driving positive engagement on public private partnerships cannot be understated.

As a result, like-minded companies with a common goal to achieve positive change have partnered with FIA as Premium, Full or Associate Members. As the Organisation’s membership base continues to grow, FIA is delighted to welcome the following companies as Associate Members in the knowledge that they will provide valuable input on a wide range of issues across thet the food value chain in Asia:

  • 3M
  • Covance
  • Kincannon & Reed
  • U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention
The new members represent a diverse range of expertise and value that FIA seeks in its global and regional partners. Over the last few years, FIA has established strong links with its Associate Members, working closely with them on matters relating to regulatory harmonisation, food safety and trade-related issues.

Speaking on the significant value that these new companies will bring to the organisation, FIA Executive Director, Bev Postma says:

“We are delighted to welcome these valued companies to the FIA network. The expertise and knowledge they bring will be a strong addition to FIA’s growing spectrum of skills and services. We are looking forward to welcoming new experts to our Committees and Working groups as we work together to solve non-competitive issues across the full spectrum of the food value chain."


3M Food Safety is a leader of innovative solutions that help the food and beverage industries optimise the quality and safety of their products to enable consumer protection. 3M has global sales of more than $30 billion and operates in more than 65 countries. It employs 84,000 employees globally and is present in more than 18 markets in Asia Pacific. At every step, 3M Food Safety provides solutions that help mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies and impact the bottom line.


Covance offers a network of accomplished research scientists and world-class ISO-accredited laboratories that spans the globe. From raw ingredients to finished product and every step in between, Covance offers unique perspectives of the industry’s best minds, shaped by decades of hands-on experience. With harmonized methodology and consistent results, Covance provides precision delivery and a passion for breakthrough science across its locations in North America, Europe and Asia.

Kincannon & Reed

Kincannon & Reed is the only global executive search firm that specialises in the interrelated realms of agribusiness, food, and life science. Its team of recruiters include former CEOs and senior executives from the sectors it serves, and its research staff averages over 16 years of experience in executive search. The firm operates from locations around the world and its focus is on the recruitment of senior management positions. The company’s motto is: “We recruit leaders for organizations that feed the world and keep it healthy.”

U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention

The U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) is a global health organisation that improves lives through public standards and related programs that help ensure the quality, safety, and benefit of medicines and foods. USP’s standards are used worldwide. To help manufacturers, suppliers, and regulators safeguard the food supply, USP provides documentary standard (i.e. Food Chemicals Codex, FCC) and physical Reference Standards for determining food ingredient authenticity and purity. These standards help limit the introduction of potential adulterants and other problems at the ingredient level, and serve as a widely acknowledged quality benchmark in the buying and selling of food ingredients in the global marketplace. 

Please contact the FIA Secretariat for more information about membership benefits.

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