FIA Video: The State of Food Security in Asia

Mr Richard Skinner, Strategy Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Singapore, was a panellist during the Food Industry Asia (FIA) Lunch Series event on “Food Fraud: Eliminating the Risks to Consumers and Industry”, held in collaboration with PwC Singapore. The panel discussed the role of food companies in tackling and preventing food fraud in Asia.

Speaking with FIA, Mr Skinner touched on what food security looks like across Asia – the wide range of issues and the diverse ways in which they impact various sectors and groups. The area of food security can be viewed in four dimensions, said Mr Skinner. The first dimension is the availability of food in the market, the second is the
“movement” of the food – whether the food produced and supplied is meeting demand, the third is affordability and the fourth is how safe and nutritious the food is.

It is critical that stakeholders strike the right balance among these different dimensions, Mr Skinner said, in order to prevent food fraud and drive food safety.

Mr Skinner added that it is essential that the private sector lead and facilitate constructive collaboration with key stakeholders, such as government, to improve food security. He highlighted investments made in technological innovations, such as vertical farming, data analytics and drones. The use of these technologies by the private sector could contribute significantly to the food security solution, he said.