FIA Video: Protein of the Future

To feed a growing population amidst a landscape of depleting natural resources, food innovation is vital. Apart from methods such as the fortification and reinvention of food, innovation can also come in the form of mining and consuming alternative sources of nutrients such as protein.

Food Industry Asia (FIA) spoke with two innovators working to produce and promote the consumption of plant-based products and insects as food.

Ms Katharina Unger is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of LIVIN Farms, a Hong Kong-based lab that has invented the Hive, the world’s first table-top farm enabling consumers to grow mealworms for food in their own kitchens.

Noting that edible insects are starting to be recognised as a superfood, Ms Unger said, “The Hive is a completely transparent protein production system with the world’s smallest ecological footprint. We want to empower people to start a food revolution – out of their own kitchens.”

Mr Lennart Bjurström is the Heart of People & Process at Food for Progress, a Stockholm-based company driving the dietary shift toward plant-based protein in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. The company’s trademark product is Oumph!, a compound made from soy protein, water and salt, which has a meat-like texture.

“We want to create a product that is great, for both people and the planet,” Mr Bjurström said. “We offer consumers an option with which they don’t feel like they have to make a trade-off in terms of taste and texture.”

Both Ms Unger and Mr Bjurström were speakers at FIA's recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Singapore, where they joined a panel discussion entitled "How is Food Innovation Changing the Food & Beverage Industry?"

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