FIA Video: Food Traceability - Common Standards and Partnerships To Drive Food Safety

Mr Liew Wai Leong, Chief Executive Officer of GS1 Singapore, was a speaker and panellist at the Food Industry Asia (FIA) Lunch Series event on “Food Fraud: Eliminating the Risks to Consumers and Industry”, held in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore, on 7 December. Mr Liew discussed the importance and benefits of a sturdy food traceability system and its implementation.

Speaking with FIA, Mr Liew touched on the role of an effective food traceability system in preventing food fraud. He said that traceability needs to be based on common global standards, and that it is a key foundation for food safety solutions to be built upon.

Collaboration between the public and private sectors is vital, Mr Liew added, in driving food safety across global supply chains. He said that diversity among stakeholders would help to enrich solutions to resolve common challenges.