FIA Prepares to Launch Health & Nutrition Report

SINGAPORE – Asia’s food industry leaders will come together on 12 April for an FIA-hosted event to mark the private sector’s contribution to addressing regional health challenges.

The high level event in Singapore will celebrate the food and beverage industry’s contributions to Asia’s unique public health and food security landscape. FIA member companies support more than 70 programmes throughout the region that help to improve food security, raise nutrition literacy, encourage active lifestyles, and meet pressing needs for clean drinking water, education and health care. Just a few of these programmes will be featured in FIA’s inaugural report “The Contribution of Food & Beverage Companies to Health and Nutrition in Asia”, to be launched on 13 April.

Those interested in attending the evening preview at 6.30pm are encouraged to contact the FIA Secretariat via email at

“We are excited by this opportunity to mark not only the encouraging progress that has been made in meeting key challenges throughout Asia, but also to focus on the future,” said FIA Executive Director Bev Postma, who noted that the food industry has proven to be both a “capable and willing partner” to governments and NGOs throughout the region.

“As Asia strives to meet the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals – which set out a number of targets for improved quality of life throughout the region – FIA members and the wider industry are demonstrating that the private sector is a ‘good neighbour’ and can lend extraordinary expertise and resources to meeting pressing needs,” she said. “FIA is delighted to share just some of these projects, and we look forward to continued dialogue and partnership with stakeholders throughout Asia.”

“The Report will be available on the FIA website from 13 April”, Postma said. “For further information on FIA and its members, I invite you to browse our website,


Founded in July 2010, FIA brings together fifteen of the world’s leading food and beverage companies. From its base in Singapore, the organisation seeks to enhance the industry’s role as a constructive, trusted partner in the development of science-based policies throughout the region. FIA provides an important hub for advocacy and debate. We bring together the industry’s most senior business leaders to champion initiatives that promote sustainable supply chains and we support integrated policies that deliver harmonised results. Our members share common values on food safety, food security and the delivery of public health outcomes that are relevant to their products. Together, they lend support to local industry groups in the region and reach out to stakeholders who share their common vision.