FIA Lunch Series:
A South Australian Case Study: Innovating for the Health Conscious Consumers

Date: Tuesday, 25 July 2017
Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Venue: Singapore

As the Australian food and drink market evolves, consumers are becoming more active, more wary of nutritional content and on the hunt for more authentic products. 

How do food manufacturers innovate to produce convenient, tasty and nutritionally superior products for the health conscious consumers? 

Hear from 3 experts from the food and beverage industry in South Australia and how they innovate to meet market changes and trends.

Catherine Sayer, CEO, Food South Australia
Ray Borda, Managing Director, Macro Meats
Tony Lufti, Managing Director, Greenwheat Freekeh 




Catherine Sayer
Chief Executive Officer
Food South Australia

Catherine Sayer is Chief Executive Officer of Food South Australia Inc., the State’s peak industry body for food manufacturers and producers. Catherine is passionate and committed to developing South Australia’s food industry and continuing to raise the profile of the importance of the industry.  She leads a team of over ten staff based in Adelaide as well as China and Japan.  

Catherine graduated with a degree in Business Management, majoring in Marketing.  Since that time she has worked with a number of large organisations across a number of sectors, both private and public, and ran a marketing consultancy prior to joining Food South Australia.  

Catherine is currently Chair of the Tropical Tuna Management Advisory Committee (a Commonwealth Fishery) and a member of the Glenelg Football Club board.  . Previously she has been Chair of the South Australia Rock Lobster Advisory Council Inc., Chair of the Seafood Training Centre of Excellence Inc., Deputy Chair and board member of Rural Financial Counselling Service SA Inc., member of the Fisheries Council of South Australia, Food Innovation Australia Limited, Agribusiness Council, Forest Industry Development Board and Horticulture Industry Development Board.  Catherine is a member and graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Food South Australia

As the State’s peak industry body, Food South Australia is dedicated to growing markets, capabilities and connections for the food and beverage industry in South Australia.

Food South Australia is an independent, industry-led and membership-based organisation representing small, medium and large food manufacturing companies based in South Australia. Our mission is to support and sustain the South Australian food and beverage industry and provide the industry with a united voice


Ray Borda
Managing Director & Founder
Macro Meats

For more than 20 years, Ray Borda has pioneered the global kangaroo meat industry. Working with governments, developing quality control procedures, supporting chefs and educating consumers, he has spearheaded kangaroo meat’s position as a premium product for health conscious and flavour-loving consumers.

Ray founded Macro Meats in 1987, which has since grown to become the world’s largest retail distributor of wild game kangaroo meat and the exclusive supplier to Australia’s supermarket chains. The company is also a major exporter to 45 countries, including Russia, Japan, and the EU.  

Having seen the premium quality potential of wild game kangaroo meat, Ray established best practice infrastructure, Quality Assurance programs and responsible harvesting processes, which now sees more than 160,000 kilograms of premium quality kangaroo meat served to Australian family dinner tables and barbeques each week. 

Ray continues his commitment to the industry in his role as President of peak body, the Kangaroo Industry Association for Australia.   In 2014, at the South Australian Food Industry Awards, Ray was also named the inaugural winner of the Duncan MacGillivray Entrepreneurs Award and is the current Chairman of Food South Australia.

Macro Meats

Macro Meats is an Adelaide based game meat processor established in 1987. Its core business is the processing and supply of human consumption kangaroo meat for the domestic and international markets.

Macro Meats has, for over twenty years, operated an AQIS/ DAFF and EU certified Export Accredited Game Meat Processing facility at Athol Park in Adelaide, South Australia. Since October 2009, it has operated a similarly accredited processing plant at Dry Creek in Adelaide, South Australia, and once new export opportunities arise Macro Meats intends to operate a third facility from premises it has acquired at Broken Hill, New South Wales.
The group has won many awards for both its business achievements and its professionalism in the meat industry. It is a leading innovator in meat processing and packaging in Australia and around the world. In November 2013, Macro Meats won the Food SA Export Award presented by the Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy.

Nationally, Macro’s clients include the Woolworths and Coles supermarket, Qantas Airlines, IGA and a range of large independent supermarket chains together with a myriad of hotels, restaurants and meat wholesalers.


Tony Lufti
Managing Director
Greenwheat Freekeh 


Tony provides a range of expertise in engineering, strategic management, marketing and technology commercialization. He has great experience and strong networks in international business.

Over a career of 30 years Tony held senior positions in the oil and gas industry and was President and CEO of a technology development fund and an investment attraction agency for a foreign government. In that capacity he attracted major investments from Japan, Singapore, USA, Canada and Australia. Tony is a recognised entrepreneur (Winner of SA Entrepreneur of the Year 2001 and runner up in Australian Entrepreneur of the Year in the same year). He is the founder of GwF.


Greenwheat Freekeh

GwF is the world leader in the production of freekeh and is the world leader in scientific research on green grains. It has been adding value to Australian wheat and other grains for almost 20 years. Today GwF pre sells all of its production prior to making it and value adds to Australian wheat from $350/MT of wheat to $3400/MT of Freekeh. Export markets include USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, Netherlands and recently Malaysia. Most of these markets block the import of normal Australian wheat but give preferential access to the much higher value freekeh from the same grains before maturity.

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