Indonesia, much like other countries in the Southeast Asian region experience has seen an increase in the prevalence of overweight/obesity alongside its economic growth over the last three decades. Despite its flourishing economy, it is also one of the few countries with a high prevalence in stunting in children, which is a precursor to the increased risk of developing non-communicable diseases when they are older. 

With the country becoming increasingly urbanised, Indonesians are leading sedentary lifestyles while also consuming that are particularly high in carbohydrates and fats as a result of increased food availability and changing diets. As such, a quarter of its population is classed as overweight and about six per cent are obese.

With the growing policy pressures to address the overconsumption of sugar, rising epidemic of obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs), the F&B industry has been investing in R&D to reduce sugar in its products. However, sugar reduction is far more challenging than ‘just taking the sugar out’ as they contribute to other functional roles apart from influencing taste. As such, Low/Non-Calorie Sweeteners (LNCS) has been identified as a growing alternative to sugar. But, its collective reputation has become the subject of intense public debate.

Through a variety of presentations and a panel discussion, FIA and several key opinion leaders of Indonesia will address the negative narrative on LNCS and explore the barriers and opportunities tied to accelerating product innovation and reformulation efforts to nudge healthier eating behaviours among Indonesian consumers.

Below is the draft programme for the session. 






Welcome and Introductions

Steven Bartholomeusz, Policy Director, FIA


Understanding Low/Non- Calorie Sweeteners and its Impact to Health

Sabeerali Kunnath Naduthodi, Technical Leader (SEA, ANZ), Food Business, Cargill


Evaluating the Safety of Low/Non- Calorie Sweeteners
Purwiyatno Hariyadi, Bogor Agricultural University, Vice Chair of Codex Alimentarius Indonesia


Reformulating with Low/Non- Calorie Sweeteners
– Debunking the Bad Science
Sabeera Ali, Nutrition Officer, Food Industry Asia (FIA)


Coffee Break


Panel Discussion
Challenges and Opportunities in Driving Healthy Eating Behaviours in Indonesia

  • Steven Bartholomeusz, Policy Director, Food Industry Asia (Moderator)

  • Purwiyatno Hariyadi, Bogor Agricultural University, Vice Chair of Codex Alimentarius, Indonesia

  • Galopong Sianturi, Head of Sub Directorate Improvement of Nutrition Quality and Allowance

  • Adhi Lukman, Chairman, The Indonesian Food & Beverage Association (GAPMMI) 


Closing Remarks and Next Steps
Steven Bartholomeusz, Policy Director
Food Industry Asia

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Closing Remarks and Next Steps
Steven Bartholomeusz, Policy Director
Food Indu


Closing Remarks and Next Steps
Steven Bartholomeusz, Policy Director
Food Industry Asia



Adhi Lukman
Indonesian Food & Beverages Association (GAPMMI) 

Adhi Lukman graduated from IPB (Bogor Agricultural University), Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, Food Technology & Human Nutrition in 1984. He is recognized internationally as an authority on the food industry.

In addition to his role with GAPMMI, Adhi Lukman works with several organizations, as Chairman of Permanent Committee for Development of Food Industry, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KADIN); Commissioner National Consumer Protection Agency(BPKN); Member of Working Team of Indonesia’s National Productivity Board (LPN); Member of Expert Working Group of National Food Security Council (DKP); Member of National Codex Committee; Coordinator Industrial and Government Relationship Division of The Indonesian Association of Food Technologist (PATPI); Member of Advisory Board PT SGS; Member of Impartiality Committee PT. TÜV NORD Indonesia; Member of Notification Body & Inquiry Point (TBT-WTO), National Standard Body (BSN); Advisory Board of Food Science & Technology Department, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB); Jury SNI Award (BSN); Steering Committee of Standard Community (MASTAN/BSN); Member of Working Group on Acceleration Nutrition Improvement, Ministry of Development Planning / BAPPENAS; Member of Working Group (3) Evaluation and Analysis Impact of Economic Policy, Ministry of Coordinating Economic of Republic Indonesia.In 2017 he was the Advisor of Indonesia Australia Business Council, and also as President of AFBA (ASEAN Food and Beverage Alliance).

Adhi travels national & internationally as a speaker at various forums, as well as guest lectures at several universities.


Sabeerali Kunnath Naduthodi 
Technical Leader, SEA, ANZ
Food Business

Sabeerali Kunnath Naduthodi is a native of India and has lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2013. Since 2013, Sabeer has been with Cargill, part of the regional technical team  and responsible for leading the team in SEA to support the food ingredients business of Cargill. Prior to Cargill, Sabeer worked for many MNC in leading role in product developments and technical support role.

Sabeer holds a dual master degree; Master of science in Food Science and Technology from European Universities and Master of Science in Food Processing Technology from Periyar University.



Steven Bartholomeusz
Policy Director
Food Industry Asia

Steven leads all policy and advocacy efforts to deliver FIA’s value proposition to its members and other stakeholders, and has developed an engagement strategy that has seen more opportunities to position FIA as a thought leader and drive interaction with its members.

As part of the advocacy efforts, Steven drives the issues and stakeholder management strategy for FIA and has successfully implemented a robust management process that sees regular issues scanning and the development of issue and position papers to present the food industry’s position on developments such as obesity and non-communicable disease, sugar tax, marketing to children and nutrition labelling.
He is an experienced writer who has contributed thought leadership to the food industry’s position on issues such as sugar tax, labelling and public-private partnerships to drive better nutrition, in the local and regional media.

Steven is an experienced corporate affairs professional with over 16 years international and regional experience managing issues and stakeholders and delivering communications strategy in the oil and gas industry, hydropower and public utilities, and more recently the food and beverage industry.

Prior to this he spent three years as the news manager for a private radio station in Sri Lanka and a correspondent for the Voice of America. Steven is originally from Sri Lanka and has a B.A in Mass Communication (Broadcasting) from Winona State University, Minnesota, USA.