FIA Food for the Future Summit to Inspire Innovation & Collaboration in Asia, for Asia

The food & beverage (F&B) industry is embracing innovation and transforming at every stage of the supply chain, driven by a combination of consumer expectations and a strong sense of responsibility toward the sustainability of our planet.

More than ever before, the industry finds itself in the spotlight of regional and country-level issues that are impacting governments and economies, from rising obesity levels to concern over the health benefits of food additives and ingredients. With the global debate on plastics production and pollution turning its attention to Asia, companies across the supply chain understand that they must innovate for the sake of our planet.

This is why the inaugural FIA Food for the Future Summit, taking place this Thursday, 26 April, at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore, will focus on innovation in the food industry. The Summit will convene food giants, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and innovators, venture capitalists, governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and academia to exchange ideas and explore innovation across all layers of the ecosystem. The Summit highlights the important role that FIA has in connecting the industry with the start-ups and SMEs that will help streamline supply chains, reduce environmental impact and improve profits.

FIA has designed the Summit to facilitate discussion, catalyse new ideas and forge new partnerships. World-class leaders of the F&B industry will be joining us to share insights on the direction of change, the issues that need to be addressed and how to drive innovation, and to debate business sustainability in Asia. We will also be joined by the innovators that are redefining food and transforming the existing ecosystem. Innovation is everywhere, and it will be important for the industry to be able to identify the companies and individuals that have the potential to help enact change. This is why we will also be hearing from the venture capitalists that are channeling funds to allow start-ups to innovate, create new product categories and grow their businesses.

FIA will also announce newly commissioned research into the different levers that are leading to unacceptable amounts of plastic waste finding its way into ASEAN waters. The findings highlight the extent of the issue, and specific actions that could be taken to drive change at a country level. We intend to use this new knowledge to drive real change, starting with sharing the findings with industry leaders at the Summit. We believe the food industry plays an important role in tackling issues such as plastic pollution in the region, and our members are committed to being part of the solution, not the problem. The critical factor will be in identifying the localised issues that can be addressed on the ground, and collaboration across the supply chain will be essential.

To fast-track innovation and identify these solutions that will not only address challenges faced by the industry, but provide business and economic opportunities, all players must come together to voice their ideas, share learnings, and inspire change for a healthy and prosperous Asia. As we continue to find new ways to transform the sector, FIA is excited to see more Asian organisations and entrepreneurs become the driving force behind food innovation. FIA is committed to building a world-class regional community of knowledge-providers, investors and companies, establishing Asia as the hub for innovation.

The Summit will help to set the agenda, not only of FIA, but the industry as a whole. I look forward to sharing the outcomes of our Summit through the summary report that we will be putting out after the event.

Mr Matthew Kovac is the Executive Director of Food Industry Asia (FIA).

FIA’s inaugural Food for the Future Summit will take place this Thursday, 26 April, at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore. This invitation-only event for CEOs and senior leaders will feature debates around some of the biggest food trends and issues relating to food innovation, reformulation, sustainability and product packaging.

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