Ehab AbouOaf 
Regional President 
Middle East & Africa 
Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Peter Van Deursen 
Chief Executive Officer 
Asia Pacific

 Iain Mclaughlin
ASEAN Business Unit
The Coca-Cola Company

Matthieu Vermersch
Founder &
Managing Partner
VisVires New Protein

Rashmi Dalai
Managing Editor
The Economist
Intelligence Unit 

Cecilia Ma
Bureau Chief
Asia Pacific
Clarity Media

As the global population rises to more than 10 billion people by 2050, the food system is under pressure to increase production by some 70 per cent. This has to be achieved in spite of extreme adverse weather conditions, depleting water resources, land constraints and a dwindling farming workforce. Nowhere are these issues more pronounced than in Asia. 

While these challenges pose a serious threat to the region’s food supply, they also create opportunities for innovation—from facial recognition for animals and cultured meat to vertical farming and crop surveillance by drones. Food companies, scientists and farmers are adopting incredible food and agricultural innovation to support their markets.

Just how does a company adapt to this changing landscape? How does the industry support innovative start-ups and increase public-private collaboration to drive real change that will allow us to feed the world in 2050?