Future Food – A More Sustainable Food Industry

The Food Industry has never been without challenge, however today and in the mid to long term, it faces greater pressure, demand and disruption than ever before. Sustainability is a growing concern in the food industry. Multiple studies have showed the food industry lagging in environmental performance compared to all other industries studied. This is partly because the industry plays a significant role in environmental impact.

This unique, innovative conference, provides the opportunity for business leaders to reframe the risks and challenges faced by today’s fast-paced food industry and view them in light of opportunity under the framework of environmental and social sustainability.

Environmental sustainability is about “managing human activity in a way that does not destabilize the natural environment” when social sustainability is “a process for creating sustainable successful places that promote wellbeing, by understanding what people need from the places they live and work” 

But what does this mean for the food industry?
As a food business leader, what does Environmental and social sustainability mean to you?
What can we do better?

Delegates will hear from and participate in panel discussions with leaders in food retail, manufacture, supply chain and HR, as well as Government and academia on the areas of:

- Food Safety Culture
- Circular economy
- Water and Energy management
- Climate change
- Packaging
- Nutrition
- Consumer expectations

Aimed at CEOs, MDs, Operations Directors of food manufacturing companies and retailers as well as organisations in the supply chain such as producers, ingredient manufacturers, agents, distributors, brokers and logistics managers; the conference will introduce new concepts and novel approaches to manage food sector risks and issues to gain competitive advantage, business endurance and growth.

For more information, please contact events@foodindustry.asia