Consumers across Asia are becoming more conscious about what food they eat. Catapulting on the growing health and wellness trends, the food industry is actively working to improve the nutritional quality of its food products through product innovation and reformulation efforts, in response to the evolving consumer needs.

The innovation and reformulation journey is continuous and widespread, and companies often pursue this behind closed doors. Understanding the nature of the journey, FIA seeks to showcase industry’s efforts in providing healthier product solutions.

In partnership with IGD, FIA has carried out a four-country study to understand the reformulation landscape in some of the key markets in Asia; including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India. 

At the inaugural Asia Reformulation Conference, FIA will be sharing the findings of the multi-country study and explore new ingredient and product innovations that has enabled the industry to provide consumers with the gold standard – a tasty product that is of high nutritional quality.  

Join us as we navigate through the conversations and discussions of future foods that are tasty, nutritious and sustainable.

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Real Impact works closely with its clients to ensure that their products and services are always compliant with the certification and standards they are awarded and that they do not harm our health, humanity and the environment.  For its ecosystem certifications, REAL IMPACT uses advanced technologies to continuously monitor and ensure that their clients fulfill their promise and trust to the consumers which in doing so, will translate a real positive impact to the society. REAL IMPACT is arguably the first certification body to introduce an end-to-end process-based Zero Waste Ecosystem Certification program.