F&B Leaders Sign Statement of Mutual Recognition

JAKARTA – Strengthening their ties in ASEAN, FIA and the Indonesian Food & Beverage Association (GAPMMI) have signed a Statement of Mutual Recognition.

The Statement formalises what was already a close working relationship between the two groups. Together, FIA and GAPMMI expect to cooperate on key priorities, such as improving regulatory convergence of food and beverage standards in Asia and widening adoption of food manufacturing and handling practices to improve food safety.

“GAPMMI is the leading voice on food and beverage issues in Indonesia and we’re delighted to partner with them, particularly given the country’s importance in regional and global discussions,” said FIA Executive Director Bev Postma. “We share a similar approach to key issues in Indonesia and the region, and working together expands our ability to achieve success.”

GAPMMI Chairman Adhi Lukman said he hopes to see the relationship grow in the future as the two organisations take on shared priorities.

“We are eager to work with industry partners across the region, particularly in ASEAN, and we see strong value in FIA’s support in terms of global expertise and knowledge,” Lukman said. “At GAPMMI, we have a long history of promoting a conducive business climate for our members, which include more than 270 small, medium and large enterprises. As sales of modern packaged food continue to enjoy double digit growth this year, we are confident that our experiences here in Indonesia will offer FIA, and food industry partners around the region, key learning opportunities.”

FIA and GAPMMI are already planning their first activity together: a jointly-hosted event for national industry associations in ASEAN in the first quarter of 2012.

“The details are still being finalised,” Postma said. “But we’re designing a gold standard event that will be of value to national industry associations across ASEAN.”