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24 February 2021
(Members Only) FIA-IOFI Webinar: Understanding Flavourings with Modifying Properties



This webinar has ended. 

Date: 16 November 2021
Time: 5PM - 6.30PM (GMT +8)

As part of the efforts to develop a unified strategy from the flavours and food businesses on advocacy for the use of flavours in the Asia Pacific region, FIA has established collaboration with the International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI). 

One of the topics to be prioritised under the collaboration between FIA and IOFI is the use of Flavourings with Modifying Properties (FMPs), in particular the concept of FMPs and key principles of FMPs as flavourings. 

Join FIA and IOFI on this joint webinar where speakers from IOFI will speak on the use of FMPs, including labeling of FMPs, the applicable regulations, as well as communication along the value chain.




Sven Ballschmiede
Executive Director, IOFI
Chair, IOFI FMPs Task Force




Sean Taylor, PhD.
Scientific Director, IOFI
Scientific Secretary to the FEMA Expert Panel



Christie Harman, MPH
IOFI Science Board Member
Scientific Director, FEMA; Chair, IOFI Global Poundage Survey Committee (GPSC)



Ute Woelke
Chair, IOFI Regulatory and Advocacy Advisory Committee (RAAC)
VP Strategic Regulatory Affairs, Symrise

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