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24 February 2021
FIA-AmCham F&B Committee Webinar: Economic Impact of the Food Industry in Vietnam

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Note: This event is for FIA Members and other invited delegates only. 

This event has ended.

Date: 27 April 2021 
Time: 2PM - 3PM (GMT+7) 

Throughout a tumultuous year for Southeast Asian economies, in which travel and logistics, trade, and business operations have been tested in unprecedented ways, the agri-food value chain has demonstrated its resilience.

From farm to fork, the agri-food sector holds an unparalleled position in the region’s economy and plays a pivotal role in its future economic development. It is an economic powerhouse, responsible for millions of jobs and a major contributor to total economic output and government tax receipts.

Looking beyond Covid-19, there are many challenges facing the agri-food sector that will have repercussions for the wider economy. These include major risks to food supply and demand. They also include risks resulting from governments adjusting spending and taxation policies to offset the impact of Covid-19 on public finances.

FIA commissioned Oxford Economics to assess the total economic impact of the agri-food sector in four major countries in ASEAN, including Vietnam through three criticals components of its value chain: agricultural production; food and beverage manufacturing; and food and beverage distribution.

AmCham F&B Committee is co-hosting a webinar with FIA to launch and share findings from this report on Vietnam. The report will be presented by James Lambert, Oxford Economics’ Director for Economic Consulting in Asia.