Stephanie Sajuti
Business Development Director
Starches, Sweeteners &
Texturizers, Southeast Asia

Stephanie Sajuti is a technical-commercial leader in food industry with vast experience in food ingredients, flavor applications, product formulation, and processing. She is currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia as Business Development Director for Cargill Starches, Sweeteners and Texturizers – Southeast Asia. In her current work, she focuses on sugar reduction solutions using Cargill technologies and toolbox, which enable food and beverage manufacturers in developing better tasting sugar-reduced and sugar-free products.

Prior to joining Cargill, she was Research, Development & Applications Director for Kerry group, with a key focus on Indonesia market. She worked with both FMCG retail food and Food Service industry to launch innovative and new products, across several categories including Snacks, Bakery, Sauces and Meals, Dairy, Processed Meat, and Beverage. Part of her role was to establish new RD&A facility and build local technical team. She is passionate in coaching both technical and commercial team on strategic thinking, problem solving, innovation and customer development.

Prior to that, she held positions in strategic commercial management for global accounts with Kerry North America and Kerry Asia Pacific. Her previous work in North America focused on sodium reduction and clean label for savory applications, such as Soups, Sauces and Snacks.

Stephanie holds Bachelor’s degree in Food Science from University of Illinois, Urbana-
Champaign with Highest Honors, where she did research on flavor analysis and food chemistry. She also holds Master’s degree from Kansas State University. She is deeply passionate about food innovation and improving nutritional quality, such as sugar and salt reduction, especially as it impacts the next generation.


Head of Food Technical Regulation Committee

Susana started her career in Nutrifood Indonesia as Research & Development Manager in 1999. She was appointed as the Head of Marketing Division in 2012, overseeing Brand Management Department, Nutrition Regulation Department, and Product Development Department.

She received her Bachelor Degree in Food Technology and Human Nutrition from Bogor Agricultural Institute, followed by a Master Degree in Agro Food and Bioprocess Technology in Wageningen University, The Netherlands. In 2004, she received her Professional Doctorate in Engineering degree in Bioprocess Engineering from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.


Steven Bartholomeusz
Policy Director 
Food Industry Asia (FIA)

Steven is an experienced corporate affairs professional with over 18 years local, international and regional experience. He leads all policy and advocacy efforts related to FIA’s strategic pillars that includes health and nutrition. 
As part of informing regional food policy, Steven leads FIA’s advocacy efforts to drive the association’s issues and stakeholder management strategy and has successfully implemented a robust management process that sees regular issues scanning and the development of issue and position papers to present the food industry’s position on developments such as obesity and non-communicable disease, sugar tax, marketing to children and nutrition labelling. 

He is an experienced writer who has contributed thought leadership to the food industry’s position on issues such as sugar tax, labelling and public-private partnerships to drive better nutrition, in the local and regional media.