Strengthening food safety standards and driving consumer confidence in the safety of food products will be high on the agenda at the World of Food Safety 2013 conference this year. Taking place from 22-23 May in Bangkok, Thailand, the conference will see international food safety experts and executives converge to discuss their views and opinions on Asia’s food safety issues.

To be held in conjunction with the international trade fair THAIFEX – World of Food Asia 2013, the conference will examine key topics surrounding international science-based regulatory requirements, the emerging Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)- recognised food safety standards, food defence programmes and the value of internationally recognised accreditation such as the ISO standards.

With a number of highly visible food safety related issues and food recalls in Asia in recent years, countries across the region have continued to sharpen their focus on this issue. Governments, regulators, industry and other key stakeholders are actively looking at ways to ensure a more reliable and secure food supply chain and consumers have grown more aware and concerned over the quality of their food, demanding higher levels of assurance on the safety of products.

These concerns will be addressed at the conference which will discuss best practice processes such as ensuring auditor competency as well as effective recall management and identification. Speakers will also explore mitigation strategies to combat food fraud and prevent economically motivated food adulteration. The importance of leveraging the latest technological tools for traceability and effective post-incident communications will also be a key highlight.

FIA Executive Director, Bev Postma, said discussions around food safety and quality are gaining increasing prominence in the region. She added that this conference will play an important role in strengthening food safety standards in Asia by bringing together a wide range of critical stakeholders to share expertise and best practice.

“With an increasingly global food supply chain, a cross-border and collaborative approach on food safety standards and practices is becoming increasingly important.

“This conference will provide a platform for the industry and audience members to be engaged in a focused discussion on the different strategies and approaches needed to achieve total food safety, and to share best practice in tackling food safety issues,” she said.

Among some of the distinguished international experts participating in the two-day conference are Neil Marshall, Global Director of Quality and Food Safety from The Coca-Cola Company, USA; Yves Rey, Chairman of GFSI and Corporate Quality General Manager of Groupe Danone, France; Tipvon Parinyasiri, Director – Food Control Division at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Thailand; and Idwin W. Bouman, Director SHE Quality Assurance and Food Safety from FrieslandCampina, Netherlands.

The speakers will be sharing their experiences in influencing quality and food safety, and will also be engaged with the audience through a panel discussion on the food safety decision making process.

To register, please email or call (65) 6500-6727. For further information on the conference programmes and profile of speakers, please click here .