SINGAPORE – The APEC Food Safety Cooperation Forum Partnership Training Institute Network (PITN), created to address the need to engage the food industry and academics with the regulators and to strengthen capacity building in food safety, has a number of regional events and programmes scheduled for 2012.

Funded by FIA member Mars Incorporated, the Waters Corporation, and the US Agency for International Development, and co-founded by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, PITN is rolling out a number of training modules across the region over the next three years, the first of which will be a supply chain training planned for this spring in Beijing.

See the update from PITN below for more details:

Series of Laboratory Capacity Building Workshops Planned for 2012

Three sub-regional in-laboratory train-the-trainer events are planned to address Analytical Methods/Validation/Fitness for Purpose in APEC pesticide residue laboratories in the following regions within the next year:
•        Chile, Peru, Mexico
•        Vietnam, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia
•        Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, and China
These workshops will be in-laboratory hands-on efforts, including a lecture element, and based on a train-the-trainer curriculum. Depending upon individual host economic conditions, the location of the 3 sub-regional events will be either national laboratories or universities.
Upon completion of the sub-regional training sessions, participants will be linked with PTIN experts who will be on hand to address any issues or problems that arise as the participants train their colleagues/implement the information discussed during the workshops.
A regional PTIN workshop will be held as a follow-up to the sub-regional events to discuss issues, problems, and solutions identified.
For more information contact Kelly McCormick at or (202) 720–1347.
Roll out of PTIN Supply Chain Management Training Modules

The first PTIN training modules based on a PTIN workshop given in Beijing in November 2010 and developed by Michigan State University are under final review and expected to be released shortly.  Once released, they will be freely and publicly available on the PTIN website.
The first regional training using the Supply Chain Training Modules is expected to take place in spring 2012 in Beijing, China, with simultaneous translation into Mandarin. The PTIN Aquaculture Supply Chain Training Modules are expected to be released in late spring/early summer 2012.
Recent activities

Philippines food safety workout
The Philippines held an APEC workshop on Food Safety Risk-Benefit Analysis on 22-24 November 2011 in Manila.  The project introduced the concept of Food Safety Risk-Benefit Analysis in the APEC region and explored its possibility in complementing the traditional Food Safety Risk Analysis tools.  Specifically, the Seminar aimed to: (a) identify available scientific approaches and methods needed for conducting risk-benefit analysis of foods; (b) to explore opportunities and limitations to quantitatively/qualitatively compare risks and benefits; and(c) to define further research or capacity needs of each member economy in the region. 
For more information, please contact Israel Dela Cruz at
Laboratory Capacity Workshop held in August 2011 in Bangkok

This two-day APEC FSCF PTIN endorsed laboratory capacity building workshop sponsored by the United States and held in Thailand focused on the prioritisation of laboratory capacity building needs and highlighted the Global Context of Food Safety stressing the importance of laboratory capacity to industry, international trade, and public health. An APEC PTIN laboratory capacity assessment was discussed, and three training modules covering APEC laboratory capacity building priority areas will be presented.  For the final report of this workshop and training materials, please see: