Hien Nguyen 
Food Safety Administrator
Vietnam Food Administration 
Ministry of Health

Hien Nguyen is from the Vietnam Food Administration - Ministry of Health, where she enjoys her work as Food Safety Administrator for the last 8 years. She graduated from International Inholland University located in a beautiful European country, The Netherlands. After having her diploma in International Economic Management, she practiced her study in Millipore Corporation, an international biosciences company for 3 years.  After being back to her home town, she worked for an American based Company in Vietnam, which had business in Food Supplement Distribution. The experience in this profession gives her a strong awareness of how food safety management affects people health, happiness and future.

Dr Wong Yelin
Deputy Director 
Food Regulatory Management Division (Regulatory Policy Department)
Singapore Food Agency 

Dr Wong Yelin graduated from the University of Glasgow, UK with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation, she joined the then Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA), where she was responsible for reviewing and implementing animal health and food safety surveillance programmes in local animal farms.  

Her current portfolio revolves around regulatory policies on food imports, including accreditation of overseas sources for meat, eggs and their related products. She is also involved in the negotiations of Singapore’s various Free Trade Agreements.   

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is a Statutory Board under the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Singapore. SFA is the national authority responsible for food safety from farm to fork.


Jiraratana Thesasilpa
Food and Drug Technical Officer
Bureau of Food
Food and Drug Administration
Ministry of Public Health

Ms Jiraratana Thesasilpa is the Food and Drug Technical Officer (Professional Level) at the Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Public Health. In the Food Bureau, she heads the Food Standard Division and is responsible for the set up or revision of the Notification of Ministry of Public Health for Food Safety Control under the Food Act B.E. 2522. She graduated from Kasetsart University with a Bachelor of Science (Food and Nutrition). She also completed her Master of Science (Tropical Medicine) at the Mahidol University.

Patrik Jonasson
Director Public Policy
Asia Pacific
GS1 Global

Patrik Jonasson manages GS1’s Asia-Pacific regional government affairs, with a specific focus on cross-border trade, traceability and supply chain integrity. He is charged with defining and executing regional strategies for external engagements and cooperation. 

Patrik is working closely with private sector and Asia-Pacific Governments to further the use of global data standards to facilitate safety and efficiency in international agri-food trade across the region. Patrik represents GS1 in external cooperation with intergovernmental organisations including at UNESCAP, FAO, WCO, World Bank, ADB, RCEP, ASEAN and APEC. 

During his 15+ years in Asia, Patrik has been based in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Patrik has a Master of Science in Business Administration with Japanese studies from the School of Business, Law & Economics at University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The core objective of AFBA is to facilitate intra and extra-regional trade in ASEAN by supporting and accelerating the ASEAN harmonisation process. 

The members of AFBA are as follows: